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The Low-Cost Locksmith

Commercial Offering

We provide a comprehensive range of services to commercial clients. We have worked with a wide range of both public and private companies bringing security and peace of mind. 

Access Control

Our team of technicians is on hand to provide comprehensive business security including Access control systems from a variety of manufactures to intercommunication systems.

Security Systems

Our technicians can also supply and install a wide range of electronic shutters for shops, banks, warehouses whatever its for our experts will be able to help. 

Heavy Duty Locks

Investing in a High Security Locks is a wise investment for your business. 

When selecting a High Security Locks, it is essential to think like a burglar who will use brute force to break it.

Certainly, the intruder will use a considerable amount of force to drill or cut it, therefore, you need a padlock that’s tough to drill, resistant to twisting, and resistant to cutting.

Master Key

If your workplace needs new locks, you may want to consider a master key system. Allowing you to give certain access to certain people while you have unlimited access due to the master key system.

Bailiff Services

Secure your property and take back what is rightfully yours with the help of The Low-Cost Locksmith Company. We are very experienced with such work and offer a great service at the best price.

Showcase Cabinet Locks

We provide and fit locks for cabinets, showcase-windows and everything needed for your shop. All the glass door locks here require no modification of any glass panels. But please do take care when handing your glass cabinets!

12 Months Guarantee

We provide a 12-month warranty on all our work on both parts and labour.

Professional & Affordable 24-Hour Service

The Low-Cost Locksmith company deliverers a professional and affordable service to both domestic and commercial clients 24 – 7.

Call-out charge included in the labour

We do not charge an extra call out charge if you agree to do the job. Appart from this, the cost of the job is explained upfront by the technician.

Free quote

We provide free expert quotations and advices over WhatsApp or by Mail